Allucyne application EPDS

Discover the mobile app that detects your equipments’ failures

Technology. Nowadays, most people agree that it makes life a lot easier. For businesses, it has become essential. What if, in addition to simplifying our day-to-day tasks, this would also look after us and guarantee us to do our work safely?

A feature-rich mobile app

Allucyne did it. The EPDS, “Electrical Propulsion Diagnostic System“, has been developed as an application. Used in the navy field, on trader and military ships, this tool, that can be described as an interactive guide, is a significant help to maintenance! Thanks to the embedded system, each failure is detected and displayed in real time on the dashboard of the application. This table is offering a wealth of information: it displays the list of detected problems, but also an archive containing those previously treated, as well as usage statistics.

However, the EPDS does not just show the presence of a defect, the EPDS application also accompanies the officers throughout the diagnosis. Each procedure to follow will be detailed to the user in an intuitive way, and will allow, thanks to maintenance procedures, to put the elements concerned in working order. It is when you press the descriptive element of the defect in the dashboard that the advanced diagnostic steps will be given to you as a “fault resolution sheet“.

The 3D modeling of the steps to follow

As you can notice, the EPDS application is a true “technological jewel”, intelligent and predicting! Thanks to its intuitive features, as well as the 3D modeling of the various maintenance steps, the maintenance of your equipment will no longer be a chore.

To visualize the different steps of the diagnosis and the interfaces of the application, do not hesitate to consult the Costa Cruise case study on our official website.

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