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Mobile application : let your customers look into their future home

What better persuasion tool than a virtual reality helmet to immerse your customers inside their home when it is not even built yet? Allow them to visualize the final rendering of their project thanks to virtual reality

As an architect, real estate developer or simply a building professional, you face challenges on a daily basis. For our client Richard Bencetti Promoter Real Estate, the problem encountered was: how to stand out from the competition and attract / retain customers?

Réalité virtuelle architecture

Virtual reality to immerse yourself in the nonexistent

To answer our customer’s question, we have developed an interactive application allowing users to set up their future living space in real time. Reconstructed on a 1 scale, all elements (objects, depths, textures …) are detailed and provide them with all the information they need.

With this tool, your customers can thus appreciate the places according to several points of view and especially to immerse themselves completely in the project. The fact that the application can be administered also gives the user a freedom of creation (almost) without limit. Your customers can imagine and then test and visualize themselves what they have decided to create.

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