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Industry professional, here is why you should choose augmented reality

Far from being limited to video games, marketing or heritage, augmented reality and virtual reality have become very useful in the industrial sector. Between security systems and information systems, discover the best features brought to the industry by technology.

3D modeling to learn better and faster

How to efficiently train agents to complex processes on technical elements? It is thanks to the gamification that many companies now offer intuitive and efficient processes. Thanks to augmented reality and 3D modeling, the operations to be performed are more clearly described, and the elements to be manipulated are more easily identifiable. In addition, the serious game aspect makes learning less restrictive.

It was for MSC Croisière that Allucyne developed a 3D training simulator, allowing the ship’s officers to train to use the electric propulsion system.

Watch the video :

But also to repair quickly and to be more productive

Similar to the technology presented in the article “Discover the application that detects your equipment’s failures“, augmented reality introduced via a mobile application makes it possible to prevent technical anomalies but also to overcome them quickly and efficiently. Thus, the identification of the elements on which it is necessary to act is done on a real scale, thanks to the technology of augmented reality.

For our Costa Cruise customer, we have developed a dedicated Electrical Propulsion Diagnostic System (EPDS) that helps the agents with their repair operations.

Augmented reality to improve quality

Even within the production line, design anomalies can happen, making the product slightly or even too different from the digital concept. This can affect productivity. Thanks to the superposition of the elements in real time, the user will be able to perceive the possible differences of conception between the product conceived and the basic model.

We created a similar project, using the technology of 3D modeling. We have developed an application for General Electric to review production and remove design doubts.

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